Thursday, 2 July 2015

Basics of Web Designing

Web Designing is playing important role in web site development process. This is the process of planning and creating the websites which is the combinations of text, banner, images, slides, theme, content etc. This is the front end of the website development process and each web designing process done by Web Designer.

The web design includes the coding of HTML, CSS, Java Script and etc., First thing we have to create the layout because web page layout is very important as this is the initial stage for the web designing process. Web designer create the web page layout then create the design by coding.

Key factors:

Font – Designing part give the more important to font size. We need to select the best font style, font colour, and font size for our website. If we choose the best font style and font size it will attract the people.

Image – Designer needs to use the unique images and it should be related to your business. The images give the attractive look to our website.

Layout – The layout is the combination of text, banner, images and etc., the layer should be three parts those are Header, Body and Footer. This is the basic of designing process and each site should have this 3 parts.

Theme – After choosing the layout you have to choose the theme, which is very keyfactor for website designing. Choose the best theme and colour for your website.

Content – We have to write the content for each any every page of our website. The content should be unique. If you copy the content from any other website it will affect your website during your SEO process.

There is vast number of web designing companies in Chennai. So review each and every other company website then choose yours.

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